Thriving with Cloud Economics: Once in a lifetime shift in Computing

Thriving with Cloud Economics: Once in a lifetime shift in Computing

RISE with SAP — Embrace Business Transformation as a Service:

The biggest challenge that businesses face right now is applying AI into the business.

The Appeal of Cloud

The biggest benefit for any enterprise to get from Cloud is the speed at which innovation happens, costs reduce, with more focus on core competencies. Leveraging data with cloud capabilities would increase the business’s ability to undertake customer-centric transformations multiple times seamlessly.

Greater Adoption Requires Overcoming the CapEx Conundrum

Today, IT CapEx should compete with the enterprise’s available capital’s general best use. As a result, CIOs have compelling reasons to move from high-cost infrastructure services in favor of more highly utilized and lower-cost public Cloud services. The challenge these CIOs face is the CapEx conundrum — a significant investment in servers, storage, and data centers that cannot be quickly divested, especially for the most recent acquisitions.

Leveraging SAP

SAP is finding a way to preserve the deep, foundation-level trust that customers have established with SAP over the decades and demonstrate the acceleration of major ERP workloads to the Cloud. SAP’s 2021 mission is to move large On-premise ERP workloads to the Cloud, gain market share for its leading cloud applications, establish the SAP platform as the basis for business transformation in the Cloud, winning the new markets. Also, increase R&D investments to deliver Industry Cloud innovations, focusing on customers’ success to ensure adoption, higher renewals. RISE with SAP Business Transformation as a Services (BTaaS) is a concierge to the business enterprise at a pace that works well for customers.

How businesses benefit by leveraging the RISE with SAP?

It is a concierge for the business enterprise at a pace that works well for customers.

  • One Offer: Get everything customers to need to simplify their transformation journey in one bundle, without high upfront investments
  • One Contract: Manage service-level agreement (SLA), operations, and issue management from SAP in a single contract
  • Unmatched TCO: RISE with SAP allows customers to realize the value of their investment sooner, with up to a 20% reduction in TCO* over five years for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition as compared to the traditional ERP deployment

SAP Value drivers

  • SAP holds singular accountability for SLAs, operations, and issue handling.
  • It’s a Cloud subscription commercial offer for holistic Business Transformation as a Service
  • Customers can choose to move their ERP to the Cloud in a deployment model of their choice, public or private or on-prem. S4/HANA cloud is included in rising among other RISE entitlements
  • It is a customer-centric partner-first offer. SAP is deeply committed to supporting customers on their Business Transformation. Managed Services in RISE are provided by SAP. Partners provide advisory and Implementation Services
  • Independent of being a new customer or existing customers with complex landscapes, independent of the industry or the size of customers, RISE with SAP can integrate all and provide customers with a platform for future growth. Land and Expand strategy
  • Cost-saving, Speed enabling, Business Transformation Achieving Solution

Have you ever thought about how much time is spent manually taking information from one system and entering another?

In terms of enabling transformation, security and compliance risk are the most important considerations. Customers make decisions based on secured outcomes: restrictive policies lead employees to use non-compliant apps and leave companies with an average of 70 security products from multiple vendors, which adds complexity and prevents the ability to respond quickly.

Why move to S/4HANA when there is still time to upgrade from ECC?

Some SAP customers have accepted the migration, while some businesses still hold the ECC line and innovate at the Edge unless SAP fully modernizes its solution offerings. Although Automated testing allows for migration verification of both the ECC and S/4HANA systems, the latest version simplifies and improves automation and downtime for system conversion. The route chosen for SAP S/4HANA migration is dependent on the Change Management methodology any given organization can afford.

How does SAP flip the world of ECC 6.0 customers to S/4HANA?

  • SAP has published an end-of-support date of 2027 for ECC 6.0, effectively giving customers a plank to walk. The large majority expect to move their current ECC systems to S/4HANA through brownfield migration.
  • Most of the SAP customers think of migrating technically as it is the simplest route and intend to carry over most of their existing master data, configuration, and custom code.
  • For customers who spend heavily to customize their ECC solutions might majorly follow greenfield migration.
  • However, brownfield migration might not make sense in some use cases as they also run the risk of not adopting improved S/4HANA functionality if they treat the ECC to S/4HANA migration as an upgrade.

So, how can this be done?

Though S/4HANA offers enormous benefits and the new functionality greatly impacts TCO, handling everything needs expertise and years of experience. Businesses need the most valued cloud partner like Suneratech — Most Valuable Partner of SAP for mid-enterprises, enabling many businesses and successfully migrated 30+ SAP workloads among hundreds of workloads of many other customers.

Leveraging Suneratech Cloud Migration Factory Framework

Companies that are currently embracing some cloud models need not adopt and increase their spending on multi-cloud strategies. We introduce you to the self-funding, Zero Cost Cloud Migration approach coupled with consumption model — “pay for what you use.”

Our Cloud Adoption Framework:
Lift & Shift is one of many migration approaches:

The goal in migration is to provide the customer with a single approach that balances the Speed of a standard lift & Shift with the growth potential and establish a maturity plan to execute the iterative processes that fit their needs.

Digital Flywheel on Cloud — Benefits

With Suneratech’s Cloud Migration Factory Framework, businesses experience tangible benefits

  • Business benefits from tangible (percentage) increased TCO and decreased cost
  • The Self-funding, Zero Cost Cloud Migration and Consumption based models closes all budget concerns for companies
  • Businesses become more agile
  • End-to-end security for the connected Products-as-a-Service.
  • Increase in demand planning efficiencies for products and services based on RPA/AI
  • Better customer experience and better competitive advantages in the marketplace
  • Supply chain fulfillment becomes Cloud-based supply chain solutions.

Factory of the Future — where are we headed

In this new world of customization and smart, sophisticated products, manufacturers must meet demand, which requires transforming the value chain to ensure an agile, responsive production process. This “factory of the future” is a complex ecosystem of automated machines and sites, able to customize the output, optimally allocate resources, and offer a seamless interface between the physical and virtual world.



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